Fred Williams' RMCF Talk & More Dino Soft Tissue

This is the show from Friday, February 3rd, 2017


* Real Science News: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss highlights from Fred's presentation at the most recent second Friday meeting of the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship. Fred's theme was Fake News, and that from mainstream news and science publications.

* Fake Science News: The guys first address the Fake News that mutations and natural selection can explain the diversity of life on earth by adding the Templeton Foundation to their list of those who Doubt Darwin. And they dismantle the Fake News that the chimp genome is 98% percent the same as the human genome, which is a mathematical impossibility given that it's 10% larger! And they address the Fake News about australopithecine Lucy, who, as it turns out, fell to her death from a tree, the Fake News about Tiktaalik, evolving into his ancestor, and the Fake News about Rodhocetus, the alleged early whale now stripped of his fluked tail, flippers, and blow hole!

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* More Dinosaur Soft Tissue: At the start of today's program, the guys talked about the first two papers of 2017 to document the discovering of even more (extremely rare! dinosaur soft tissue! See more at