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Thread: Two Questions About Gorsuch Fox News Won't Ask

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    Two Questions About Gorsuch Fox News Won't Ask

    Two Questions About Gorsuch Fox News Won't Ask

    This is the show from Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


    Without asking and getting the right answers on these two questions, all other information about Judge Neil Gorsuch is irrelevant. First, regarding the right to life, at what point Judge Gorsuch do we acquire that right to life? Secondly, when youíve said that judges should ignore their personal values and instead follow the constitution and the law, what are the limits to that? Hear today's show to understand why pro-lifers for decades cheered each Supreme Court Justice nominated by Ronald Reagan, George H.W., and George W. Bush, even though every one of those judges reject that the unborn child has a right to life. As pro-life Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice told us (see, every one of the Republican justices since 1973 accept the central holding of Roe v Wade that the unborn child does not have a right to life and that includes Sandra Day O'Connor (1981), Antonin Scalia (1986), Anthony Kennedy (1988), David Souter (1990), Clarence Thomas (1991), John Roberts (2005), and Samuel Alito (2006). Bob also reminded the audience of the vital $30,000 goal for BEL's annual February telethon. Please help by phone at 303-463-7789 (800-8Enyart) or by clicking on over to and buying a resource, making a donation, or subscribing to a service!
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    But...Shouldn't a judge try to judge according to the law, and not personal beliefs?
    Without Genesis, absolutely nothing makes sense in all of Scripture.

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