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Thread: Sherman's Pick

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    Sherman's Pick

    I have to give Lon post of the day because he so skillfully exposes the tactics of his opponent without being nasty. Lon is such a patient debater. The rest of the Christians on here could learn from his style of debate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lon View Post
    And? What are you bragging about? Is this a competition? Does the winner get eternal life?
    When I place you back on ignore, this too will be part of why I am doing it.

    And He told you to brag that I am no competition for you?
    Meshak, look back through the thread: Me a lot of scriptures. You?
    Question: Do actions speak louder than words?

    You: Page 1 - No scriptures (that you say you cherish daily)
    Me joining in: Page 2 One scriptures Matthew 19:16-24
    You: page 2 - No scriptures
    You: page 3 - No scriptures (I wasn't on page 3)
    You/me: page 4 -No scriptures
    You: Page 5 copied my scripture
    Me: Page 5 asking you for scriptures John 3:3,5-10
    You: Page 6 No Scriptures
    Me: Page 6: John 8:18-59
    You: Page 7 No Scriptures
    Me: Page 7 John 8:24-25 John 5:19-44 with commentary Philippians 2:10,11
    You: Page 8 John 6:29 reposted from someone else, no scripture you brought up
    You: Page 9 no scriptures
    You: Page 10 No Scriptures
    Me Not on page 8,9, or10
    You: Page 11 No scriptures
    Me: Page 11 John 20:28 John 1:1? Most of John 5:19-40? John 8:24 and John 3:1-36
    You: Page 12 No Scriptures
    Me: Page 12 John 8:24
    You: Page 13 No Scriptures
    Me: Page 13 Apologizing for giving pos reps
    You: Page 14 No Scriptures
    Me: Page 14 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
    You: Page 15 No Scriptures
    Me: Still apologizing Proverbs 9:7-8
    @john w says "Contrasts, I like them" I learned that from him. He teaches me things, even when he is mean.
    ​My sincere congrats on a good job.

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    Lon's patience is impressive

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