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Thread: Another tally of anti-trinitarian threads

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    Another tally of anti-trinitarian threads

    The last time I tallied these, the number was well over 130 threads against a Trinitarian view.

    After all of them were deleted, it is surprising to see how quickly they are rejuvenated.

    This is not a 'debate the trinity' thread. It is a thread specifically about the number of threads and why they exist, as well as a reference tool.

    1. ECT- A pink egg isn't a blue egg -can't be an egg, & Jesus cannot be God -Oatmeal
    2.A pink egg isn't an egg and Jesus can't be God (2) -Oatmeal Deleted
    3. Jesus isn't God - Elia
    4. Jesus isn't the Messiah - Elia
    5. Jesus can't be Y-H-W-H or he'd be praying to Himself -Elia Deleted--Same topic as Jesus isn't God
    6. There are two gods -October23
    7. Jesus is just a normal man, not God -Cross-Reference
    8. Why can't you see God, but people have seen Jesus Christ? Pink egg isn't a pink egg redux--Oatmeal Deleted--same topic again. Please stick to one thread.
    9. Jesus has a God-Keypurr
    10. A false messiah and an idol -Elia
    11. Not only anti-Trinitarian but anti-Christ as well.
    12. The Trinity is False - Squeeky
    13. Jesus isn't Jehovah -Kingdom rose
    14. Jesus is not God - Lazy
    15. Jesus is not God - Cherubram
    16. Jesus isn't our sin Sacrifice - Caino (UB thread at 680+ pages of useless bandwidth, would like to see it chopped and a new thread started if it must)
    17. Jesus isn't God, just His right-hand - Cherubram
    18. Jesus isn't the Alpha and Omega - Cherubram
    19. Jesus is unique, but not God - cgavaria
    20. Jesus is not God, no matter what scripture says - cgavaria
    21. Jesus is just 'a' god - Squeeky
    22. Is Jesus God? -Versais (Hinduism) I'd leave this one as legitimate and needed against polytheism
    23. Jesus is Created - Squeeky
    24. Jesus is Created - cgavaria
    25. Jesus is not Messiah - Elia
    26. The Trinity is False -Squeaky
    27. Jesus is not equal with God - Cherubram
    28. Jesus is not God -Daqq
    29. Jesus is not God - kingdomrose
    30. Jesus isn't perfect so not God - Stephencbh
    31. Jesus is not God (2) - Kingdomrose
    32. God is not Triune - Kingdomrose
    33. YHWH is not Triune -Kingdomrose (Sacred namer as well )
    34. The Trinity is not true -Kingdomrose
    35. Jesus Is not God -Beammeup
    36. Arian commercial - Lazy Afternoon
    37. Jesus is not God - Kingdomrose
    38. Jesus is not God - Oatmeal
    39. Trinitarians are Pharisees - Kingdomrose
    40. Trinitarians are not Saved - Squeeky
    41. Jesus is not God - Oatmeal
    42. The Trinity is devil doctrine - Squeeky
    43. Jesus is not the Word - Squeeky
    44. Jesus is not I AM - Squeeky
    45. Jesus is not God - Squeeky
    46. Jesus cannot be God - Cherubram
    47. Not Meshak this time: Mainstream isn't Christian - Cherubram
    50. About half of all of Squeeky's threads if not all.
    51. God isn't triune - tigger 2

    Mod Note: There gets to be too many of these threads, they will be deleted. Duplicate topics will be deleted.
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