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    Lightbulb freelight's cosmic cafe


    Ah, where shall we begin? First my proposal, guidelines and vision for this thread, which I suggest all posters/readers to respect, in which respect will then be given back, per forum rules and common courtesy. That's the 'ideal' here.

    My project-theme for the thread is a fun, casual, kick-back atmosphere, like a 'cafe'...where you can relax, have a few health snacks on the menu, enjoy some excellent beverages and also some nice smaller size meals to wet your palate and nourish your soul. Fellow poets, soul-voyagers, connoisseurs and traders are welcome, but the goods are 'metaphysical'

    I know the proposed theme for this forum is supposed to be where no holds barred battles take place',...but even in that context I offer a re-direct on that; - this will be a safe-haven from the mean streets surrounding the alley, for travelers....a place for those looking to question their own beliefs, opinions, assumptions about 'God', 'religion', 'reality', etc. A 'reality-check point'. Such takes intellectual honesty and brutal transparency (hence the battle with one's own self, where sorting out what is 'true' from what is 'false' takes place). This inner search may include admitting you don't know (agnosis) about a particular subject or even about anything at all It might also include acknowledging that your 'belief' or 'opinion' about anything is just that (just an 'belief' or 'opinion')...its subject to change. "wax on, wax off".

    I coming from a more liberal eclectic background and prospectus am available to facilitate and direct 'creative dialogue' with those interested in probing their own minds and maybe breaking thru old paradigms to explore new dimensions and expand consciousness. That's what I'm all about anyways, for those who know least so far in this life-journey. Life is the experience of what you do with-in the space and time afforded you,..this is what creation is.

    You're in freelights cozy little pub so be cognizant of what you're in for (for some this will be delightful, for others not so much ). If a 'fight' breaks out anywhere,...let it be against your own inner demons and 'assumptions' about life, or even your own view of yourself. Remember, its just a point of view. Expect all the goodies and benefits that come with our 'creating' (provided you have the creativity and intelligence to engage in actual 'dialogue' for the mere enjoyment or learning-potential of such), we venture forward as co-creators

    At this point in your journey (having stopped at the cosmic café), have a peaceful reflection and meditation about where you are at in life (here in the 'eternal now'), what its all about, and where you are going, and what significance this might have within the greater cosmos. Knock yourself out, but be kind to yourself in the process. This will also be a venue to probe freelight's mind on various religious/philosophical subjects, in a fun adventurous way, as if I didn't share enough on that in other threads quite generously As Emerson said, "hitch your wagon to a star"....and enjoy the ride


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