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Trying to get him banned? What I was actually doing was bringing your attention to foul language being used. If you don't find it offensive that is you decision, but I do find it offensive.
I don't live in america and just as I was once banned for using an unoffensive word in the UK it was offensive in the states.
I think I remember that. I'm not sure. I think the offensive came by association with construction/hardware terms being used with entendre.

It used to be (not sure if it still is), that if you called someone an animal in Germany, it was highly offensive as well.

I guess because we are in the U.S. sensibilities will follow such expectations, but I find such as this fascinating conversation, simply because you get a good look at another culture as well as the differences that make up their values about what is offensive and what is not.

Thanks, enjoyed the post. -Lon