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Thread: Delmar's POD 5-4-14

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    Delmar's POD 5-4-14

    Quote Originally Posted by 1PeaceMaker View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JosephR View Post
    I saw a few documentary's about big family's..and my concern would be , you must make a decent amount of money to say,have 15 kids to support them..
    How do you know what it takes to support 15 kids? You've never done that, have you? I'll tell you what it takes... the same as it takes to support your two. It takes the Great Provider. Without Him, you couldn't feed yourself, let alone two children and a wife.

    I had no idea how little it actually took to raise my brood until they were born and I credit God for making it so pleasant and affordable. It seems like He's looking out for us everywhere, giving us good deals on all kinds of stuff, teaching us how to grow food and save money, keeping our kids safe and healthy, everything.

    Some families of 4 couldn't live on what my family of 9 finds comfortable.
    ...and how could you have the time to spend with each one?

    They don't all live as children in the house at the same time, usually. Second, if I had half a dozen siblings or more around me, like my kids have, the youngest are treated lovingly by the olders and cared for more than my oldest three babies. Seldom, if ever, does my 6th baby have to sit on the floor and cry while dinner is finished, unlike with my first 3. As a mother you have only so many arms and hot food and babies can't be safely juggled at the same time.

    you must have to work to support them,then have time for that many children?
    I don't generally do any work other than child care and helping on the farm. I've purposefully chosen to live affordably and cut all the excess activities that I see as a drain on the family. This pruning is insignificant, compared to the joy of my daily life with them.
    And most family's today both parents work. I have 2 kids and wish there was more hours in the day to spend with them.. so 15? I just dont see that going to well.. I see the older kids becoming parents to the younger ones.
    Playing babysitter is what most teens seek out when there aren't babies in the family. I don't mind them getting the experience. They will be better parents for it.
    ...of coarse years ago families needed many children to work the farms to feed everyone.
    Today many children still gives parents and siblings advantages. More people to love, more things to do, more help in hard times.

    I am happy with my 2 and I know many families are very successful in life and morals and values up to 5-7 kids.. but going beyond 10 to 15 I would be concerned with what I said above.. But as I write this I realize I am prolly not very well judge of this because I am an only child,and dont know what it is like to grow up with one brother or sister.
    I think you'd be surprised what a wonderful blessing many siblings can be. Baby #15 is going to be probably 30 years younger than baby #1 and the oldest would be much like an aunt or uncle to the baby of the family. Aunts and Uncles are cool. So are big brothers and sisters.
    It was a bit of work fixing the formatting and getting the quotes in this post in the correct order, but it was worth it.
    This was a tremendous post by 1PeaceMaker

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    Congrats, 1PeaceMaker

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