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    I always love these awards, congratulations to all the winners and also thank you to all of you for making TOL the most interesting place to be on the internet. I consider you all valuable friends even though many of you, and I, do not see eye to eye. It would be pretty boring here if we did. Thanks Knight for supplying such a fun, interesting place to dialogue.
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      There are several folks that also deserved to be entered into the Hall and it was tough to pick this years inductees. Next year another 5 will make their way in.

      Congrats to all the inductees as well as the Post of the Year award winners.
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        Congrats to all!


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          Congrats to all the winners for the year!

          We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
          They already know monsters exist.
          We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.


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            Congratulations to all!

            is a fragile thing.

            Easy to break, Easy to lose
            and one of the hardest things to
            ever get back.


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              This has
              been indeed a
              strange group.
              Yet excellent choices.


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                Congrats to all the winners!
                He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

                Jim Elliot


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                  Congratulations everyone.

                  The Pegasus and Unicorn thread was a great thread, it was fun to read back through it.

                  Tried and waited then got tired, that's about it


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                    Congrats to all the inductees.


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                      Where is the evidence for a global flood?
                      "the best maths don't need no stinkin' numbers"

                      "The waters under the 'expanse' were under the crust."
                      -Bob B.


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                        Oh you're just going to be impossible to live with for the next 365 days, aren't you.


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                          Originally posted by Knight View Post
                          The fifth and final 2012 inductee into the TOL HALL OF FAME is...


                          On June 30th, 2005 chrysostom joined TOL and sentence structure has never been the same since. chrysostom is often fond swimming upstream on TOL but that hasn't slowed down his effort and participation on TOL. Almost a decade of participation on TOL sends chrysostom to the Hall.

                          Congratulations chrysostom!

                          Congrats Cm!!! You're the best my friend....


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                            Congratulations to all!
                            No man can come to God except through Christ. (Jn. 14:20)
                            No man can come to Christ unless he comes through the Cross. (Jn. 3:16; Eph. 2:13–18)
                            No man can come to the Cross without a denial of self. (Lk. 9:23–24)


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                              Congratulations to all who were recognized!

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                                Originally posted by Knight View Post
                                The fourth 2012 inductee into the TOL HALL OF FAME is...


                                kmoney or "kmo" is another TOL legend, and while he isn't always on the same side of the issues as the TOL staff kmo is an invaluable friend to TOL. Through thick and thin kmoney is always there on TOL giving his honest opinion and keeping a great attitude.

                                Congratulations kmoney!
                                Wow! This is a surprise and an honor. Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure being here all these years.

                                Congrats to all the Post of the Year winners and the HOF inductees.