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God made Adam a help meet.

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  • God made Adam a help meet.

    If at all possible, I would love for TOL to be a help meet in the word of God.

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    God made Adam a help meet, cont...

    Folks, I may not be a robot, but my goal as a Christian is to serve God like a robot, meaning, I will not be deterred. I became a Christian while in High School. Then, you might say I immediately went back to my old self. I joined the military out of H.S., and continued downhill. Twenty two years and retired. I am in my second marriage, after seven years God creased back into my heart and soul. Early in my Christian life, I was like most, something worldly turned my path away from Him. This thing was dinosaurs and so on. Was the world 6,000 years old or not. On tv I found a Pastor teaching the Book of Job. God Himself spoke to me thru that lesson. God told Job that he (Job) was created at the same time as the Dino. He of course was speaking of our spiritual self. That meant to me all of God’s Children were roaming the earth in a different dimension, along with the Dino’s. That means all of us are millions of years old, as we were all created at the same time. This continue until God’s most beautiful Child, Lucifer, raised himself up to be god. This was in 1996. I have been studying ever since and God just keeps shoveling it (the Word) in. 81 years, and how long will God continue with me??? I wish you all to have a similar experience. Thank you. Fred Eans


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      Please, if you're going to make multiple threads with similar titles, don't. It floods the forum with unnecessary threads, and takes up bandwidth and server storage space.