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    Jay continues:
    • Posted by Freak
      Me Again, the detective, I didn't think you would get it...
    Did you "get it" when you were taken into custody by the police?


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      Yes, the corrupt military police is such places like the Republic of Benin, make sure you "get it".

      Hey, Me Again (the wanna be detective of some police force), let's not get back to your false accusations, ok?


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        Here come the insults:
        • Posted by Freak
          Yes, the corrupt military police is such places like the Republic of Benin, make sure you "get it".
        Yes, I used to be in the military police.
        • Posted by Freak
          Me Again (the "wanna be" detective of some police force)…
        "Wanna be?"

        You don't like law enforcement officers, eh? Okay, I won't take it personally.


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          Isaiah 1:18
          "Come now, let us reason together," says the LORD .


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            Why did you not acknowledge my emails & messages regarding a battle royale on the subject of Bible interpretation?

            OT prophecy centres on Christ NOT Israel

            All OT prophecy should be "spiritualised" or understood figuratively.

            Any "literalists" out there prepared to stand up & fight ?????
            Hebrews 13:20 Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant,
            21 Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom [be] glory for ever and ever. Amen.

            In Christ,



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              Ian, maybe a future battle OK?

              If you get an opponent locked in and an agreed upon topic I will consider it.
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                How do you exegete without eisogeting?


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                  At some point we all bring to the picture our own aprioris, but that is something different than eisogeteing. Eisogesis is interpreting scripture soley from our own point of view with out considering the, historical, theological, literary, cultural, linguistic, grammatical, contaxts of the passage.


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                      Eisogeting is also looking at scripture to find something instead of finding something by reading scripture.

                      In other words, exegeting is finding something in scripture, eisogeting is bringing something to scripture and saying you found it there even when it is not.
                      For Greek conversion,


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                        Helpful, Jaltus. It was just that I find it difficult to imagine bringing a blank slate to a situation, but I see what you mean. Although some people do fill in some blanks, I think.


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                          I would like to debate someone on the subject of communion.
                          I take the stand that communion should be the act of worship that most unites us than one which most separates us into denominations. While we may indeed hold different understandings concerning real presence, anamnesis, and the relation of the elements to the spiritual act of communion, we can still stand side-by-side at the communion rail, united in love for each other in the church universal. I believe God finds this affirmation of unity in the Spirit more acceptable that an affirmation of unity with those who merely agree with our own way of thinking.


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                            communion debate

                            I'll debate this with you, David.


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                              Take note...

                              Two rule additions have been added to the BR rules:

                              RULE ADDITION #8
                              By agreeing to participate in a Battle Royale you also agree to allow your Battle to be reprinted or reused in full or in part by TheologyOnLine and it's various entities. In short... Battle Royales belong to TheologyOnLine and can be reprinted only with prior approval from TheologyOnLine.

                              RULE ADDITION #9
                              Any participant may attach images to their posts if they choose. However, since only subscribers can attach images to posts it is therefore beneficial to be a TOL subscriber. A regular registered TOL member does not have the ability to post image attachments to their posts and can therefore be at a possible disadvantage. To this we say............ SUBSCRIBE!!!

                              Note these 2 additions have been added to the original post in this thread which acts as the "official rules" for Battle Royales.
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                                So St. Bob the Broadcaster can use images and I cannot, hmmm.