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toldailytopic: On Memorial Day who do you remember and honor in your life?

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    To my dad who served during the Korean and Viet Nam wars. He retired after 26 years of service in the U.S. Navy at the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer (insignia indicated in my avatar).
    My brother was a chief. In the Navy, that is quite an accomplishment, and one that even junior officers had better respect if they know what's good for them.

    We've had someone in the family in every war since the Civil war. I honor all of them, but my father most of all.
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      Too many to mention in a simple list.

      Each year, on Memorial Day, I honor and remember one or two family members who served. This year it was my grandfather, George M. Dempsey, who served with Union forces during the War Between the States. The other was my great grand uncle, John Henry Ernest, who served with the Confederate forces during the War Between the States.


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        For Memorial Day, I honor all those who have worked for peace.
        Keep the Spirit alive;
        Eric the Green


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          Originally posted by theoe
          my grandpa.
          My Grandmother and my sixth grade teacher Miss Erickson.