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Drudge Goes Full-on Never-Trump

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  • Drudge Goes Full-on Never-Trump

    Drudge Goes Full-on Never-Trump
    Loses One-Fifth of Audience, 200,000,000 Page Views!

    For the past week The Drudge Report has posted screaming headlines pushing President Trump’s impeachment!

    At the same time Drudge has ignored President Trump’s 50% Rasmussen approval rating — 5 points higher than Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency.
    The state — whatever its particular forms — always expresses itself as a collective form of property ownership. All political systems are socialistic, in that they are premised upon the subservience of individual interests to collective authority. Communism, fascism, lesser forms of state socialism, and welfarism, are all premised upon the state’s usurpation of privately-owned property. Whether one chooses to be aligned with the political "Left," "Right," or "Middle," comes down to nothing more than a preference for a particular franchise of state socialism.

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    Originally posted by drbrumley View Post
    At the same time Drudge has ignored President Trump’s 50% Rasmussen approval rating — 5 points higher than Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency.
    Gallup has Trump's approval rating at "40.7%, down from 42.7%" --


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      I stopped going to Drudge on a regular basis years ago. IIRC I started reading Drudge around 9/11 or shortly afterwards, certainly by early 2002. It became my first choice for headlines, and I was a daily user (multiple times a day) up until around 2012 or 2013, roughly. Now I go there only on occasion, and it's specifically to observe how he's framing and shaping the news for conservatives.

      I was there for the swift-boating of John Kerry and the birther conspiracy and all the Drudge siren reports and so on. Wow, memories... It was through conservative sites linked to by Drudge that I believed like a good little Republican conservative that we had to go to war in Iraq, and I'm still ashamed at how easily I bought into that. I distinctly remember watching a live feed from Baghdad, hearing the air raid sirens going off, knowing that bombing had started - and not understanding at all what this was going to mean to so many innocent people. And for what? I didn't question, I just believed that if the Republicans and the conservative voices said this had to be done, then this had to be done. Drudge was, and still is, powerful - despite a loss of views - he still continues with so many (25) millions of views a day.

      Tried and waited then got tired, that's about it


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        Drudge is too moderate for most republicans, these days.

        Probably time for a divorce; we need a Trump party and a party for old-style conservatives to go.
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          Drudge was one of the links between the Short Wave Patriot-Populist movement - which began as a reaction against Bill and Hillary in the mid and late nineties - and the Patriot-Populist Movement on the Internet which got Trump elected in 2016. Andrew Breitbart was another link between the pre-Internet Patriot-Populists and the Internet movement which got Trump elected. Before he died Breitbart talked about the role of the Frankfurt School of Cultural or Transformational Marxism in the American Left. I keep thinking that maybe some day Trump will talk about the Marxism of the present day American Left. Trump may not know about the many Andrew Breitbatt videos still on the Internet. Drudge may be trying to alert the followers of the Populist-Patriot Movement that Trump is in real danger from the present day Left, the Democratic Party, the Deep State, the Big Tech, Internet Giants as a monopoly, the Red Chinese and the Corporate and Financial Ruling Elite.

          Larry Nichols, one of the short wave broadcasters of the nineties, was a third link to the Patriot-Populist Internet Movement, Nichols has been a guest on very many Patriot-Populis- Internet programs in recent years. Nichols was once one of the Operators for Bill and Hillary Clinton. He repented.

          The short wave broadcasters of the nineties I listened to were Jeff Baker, Bill Cooper, Mark Koernke, Linda Thompson, Larry Nichols, Steve Quayle, and a young Alex Jones. They would not have been the beginning of the Patriot-Populist Movement on the Internet which existed in 2016 had it not been for the Bill and Hillary Marxist-Mafia Regime and the Waco Event.

          Since they broadcasted on short wave, they were an alternative media in the nineties. Some of them like Steve Quayle, sold food supplements, herbs and survival foods. And so the "Right Wing" Media even back in the late 20th century was into the Alternative Health Care movement. Many of them were Christians, even including Bill Cooper. Paul Joseph Watson has referred to the 2016-2019 Populist-Patriot-Alternative Media Movement as a "Counterculture."
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