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ARGH!!! Calvinism makes me furious!!!

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  • God is triune, Father, Son, Holy Spirit (vs JW in the name of the Father/person, Son/person, and holy spirit (sic)/impersonal 'active force' Mt. 28?).
    Know God and make Him known! (YWAM)

    They said: "Where is the God of Elijah?"
    I say: "Where are the Elijahs of God?" (Ravenhill "Why Revival Tarries")

    Rev. 1:17, 18; Jer. 9:23, 24

    "No Compromise!" (Keith Green)

    The Pledge: He died for me; I'll live for Him.


    • Originally posted by Knight View Post
      OK… I gotta vent.

      I try to be calm and I try to be patient with those that credit bad things to God via Calvinistic theology. But there are some times I simply can’t be patient or cordial because this twisted sick, perverted theology is sometimes too much to handle.

      Today I was listening to a Christian station on the radio. And there was a public service spot which featured a woman explaining a heart wrenching story. She explained that she was diagnosed with Leukemia on her child’s first birthday. She explained that she was treated with intense chemotherapy. She went on to say that she was comforted by God (which of course is fantastic). But then she said that God have given her the cancer so God would also give her the strength to get through it.


      Can you imagine that?

      Can you imagine a women actual thinking that God had given her cancer???

      That is just plain sick!

      What ever happened to understanding that it was man’s sin (our rebellion) that brought sickness and death into the world? What ever happened to placing the responsibility for bad things with mankind? So now God is a disease dispenser?

      People are just plain stupid.

      "Myths are not lies," Tolkien countered, among the swaying trees of Magdalen Grove. Materialistic progress leads only to the abyss, Tolkien said, but the myths we tell reflect a fragment of the true light. He argued the Christ story functions as a myth, just like the Scandinavian myths they had loved, with one difference: The Christian myth was true.


      • Yhvh and Yahshua are Elohim in Scripture, Yhvh is holy. Yahshua is holy. Disciples abiding in Yhvh are holy. This is baby talk for true believers. Everybody else is stupid simply because they die when they don't have to - they refuse to turn away from sin/rebellion in the world. It is just a very minor tangent that they are stupid for paying through the nose to have rat posin injected into their blood. They are willing to lose their car and job and home because they believe and follow a lie. And almost always their family and friends and church all go along with it. In decades searching, there are only 2 out of 700 churches that I've seen that encouraged their members to find out the truth.