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thoughts on the death penalty

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Hi all,

I dont get into politics much, while spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy and consciousness studies are my forte'. However, our recent thread on on the 'death penalty' inspired me to add some pertinent inquiry and considerations to the 'question' if such an act actually serves a good purpose, for the particular soul of the offender, or anyone else for that matter.

I currently hold that reform/rehabilitation and facilitating postive psychological and spiritual growth/change is the best way to handle 'criminals' to guide them back on the right path, instead of killing them. Killing the physical body of a person does nothing for their soul, but their spirit is released and will be in the same condition it was in while incarnated. It is therefore best to work towards the healing, encouragement and transformation of an offender, enabling him or her to make amends for their mistakes while still in the flesh, instead of robbing them of that opportunity to do so. Otherwise the spirits can have a harder time progressing in the spirit-world and may have to reincarnate again to make amends for their former lives. The law of God is not mocked(nor can be revoked)...souls must reap what they sow, and can only be 'saved' via reformation and repentance.

Just some food for thought on the subject, which forces us to consider the offender in the crime, - the condition, potential and destiny of his or her soul, which is just as valuable as any other.


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  1. Thunder's Muse's Avatar
    I completely agree, freelight. Great minds do think alike
  2. freelight's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder's Muse

    I completely agree, freelight. Great minds do think alike


    I just noticed my link to the post in the thread being shared is no longer extant. The thread has been deleted, evidently. In any case,...the points shared above still hold, as it seems best to rehabilitate souls while still in the flesh, by all means possible, before assuming that the 'death penalty' is a solution or effective means of 'justice',...since killing the physical body does not necessarily change or effect the soul in a positive way, and the spirit-soul of the criminal remains in the same condition he was in, in an 'unrepentant/untransformed' state.

    I learned more about this from the spirit-world side of things, from the classic Spritualist text "Spirit Teachings" rendered thru the medium William Stainton Moses in the 1870's. Read this classic series of messages here.

    The 'death penalty' then would be a 'last resort' measure perhaps, after so many years of rehabilitation failed(?), but even here, we would question how 'murder' can be justified in any case, as a 'remedy' or 'recompense' for the committing of murder. Its just back to the old tribal law of Moses,...."an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" system. Is this forcing the hand of karma too far?

    Anyways,...just some random thoughts on this.

    Be well,



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