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JPPT1974's Weekend Thoughts 6/7-6/9/2019

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God is
In the wanting us
To know that the
Way, Truth, and Life
Is only through Christ
As He sacrificed on
The Cross and in the
Arising from the dead
To pave that way.


  1. JPPT1974's Avatar
    And others
    That feel they can
    Go through all
    Different ways of
    In the heaven or
    So they think
    Well they are
    Going to be in the
    End dead wrong
    But hope not to
    Late to accept Christ.
  2. JPPT1974's Avatar
    And in the
    Lord is in the
    Wanting those
    To know that there
    Is just one
    True way not
    Many ways but
    One true way
    Is though Him
    As He paved that way
    One and true
    Not many others
    But one true way.


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