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JPPT1974's Weekend Thoughts 4/5-4/7/2019

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How it
Is that you and
I need to do
The best to avoid
Temptation and
How that He
Wants us to
In being the light
In a sinful world
You see there.


  1. JPPT1974's Avatar
    How it is
    Not easy but
    It is a must when
    We need to show
    Others the truth
    Way and life in
    Christ and how
    He is wanting us
    To open those to
    Him and how He wants
    Us to be a light in the world
    As He is THE light and
    Temptations it is hard to say no
    But we must in the setting a
    Christian example for others
    And those who need to believe.
  2. JPPT1974's Avatar
    Just like that
    Of temptation as it
    Can be testing for
    People with drugs and alcohol
    Plus that of food and luxury
    Money and in the
    Being led away from those
    When they cross a line with us
    As the Lord calls for
    Us to be strong as hard as it is
    Temptations is very hard but
    Needs to be where we show others
    The light of the world in Christ.
    It is short run vs the long run as
    Long as we turn away from temptations
    God will lead and guide us to His light.


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