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One Universal Reality.........

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Nah-imma-stay a Christian, and stay away from your false teachings.
My view holds here

Fear and exclusion is not the way, however love and inclusion can do wonders because at the heart of reality there is an indivisible love and wholeness. This is just the nature of the Creator and his Creation. I choose that path, and this path remains the Infinite Way. If you'd like to refer to this 'VIEW' as 'false teachings', you're welcome to that 'opinion'. However, all points of views, assumptions and conclusions, may be subject to 'change'. Truth will go on....being What IS.


  1. Zeke's Avatar
    Hey Freelight, hope all is well! taking a break from the madhouse of loving Christian dialect hurled at you.

    Adios Hombre, Peace and rest Zeke out.


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