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Flat earth proven false

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[QUOTE=User Name;5191829][QUOTE=patrick jane;5191667]Suffice to say, I don't really know all the debating terms like you. I heard you have a big IQ too. Maybe some people like fantasies and fallacies. No crime against that.[/QUOTE]

I will agree with you that it is not a crime to like the fantasy of a flat earth, but wouldn't it be better to accept reality?[/QUOTE]I know what you and Wizard and RD, JR and everybody, even my family are saying. I've lived in reality all my life and I'm using my imagination. I'm questioning many things but not God. I'm not doing this for fun and games at all and not trying to bother anybody. It's a volatile topic and contentious. I'll grow out of it and reality will be waiting right there waiting for me when I snap back to it.
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