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Deity and Gender.........

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Hi all,

Continuing to comment and link on older writings on 'God' and 'Gender' with post copy below from the 'Christ name is' thread -

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God says that He is Male.

God is spirit.

'God' as Spirit is the Source of all gender.

'God' nowhere says he is 'male',.... 'he' is referred to in the masculine form/pronoun as a matter of convention as being 'Our Father'. 'God' while including all gender, transcends it altogether, since 'God' is INFINITE. - 'God' even transcends our finite concept of 'personhood' and 'personality'....but is the Source of such.

When God created man in his own image and likeness,....that image and likeness was in BOTH genders. Do you FOLLOW? BOTH masculine and feminine qualities, attributes, characteristics ORIGINATE from within 'God'. A title such as 'Father-Mother-God' is simply the recognition of this truth.

For understanding better my views on this see my former commentaries here.

Also my older commentary on 'evolution/creaiton' & 'gender' here

Sadly, people are interpreting my references on 'gender' carnally. What is to be understood is the deeper metaphysical nature, qualities and attributes of gender, as they originate from SOURCE.

Since YHWH is the name and identity of 'God' among the Jews, YHWH would mirror that nature and form found in man's constitution, creative function and potential, since 'God' is the original light and life revealing such relations.

* I recommend learning the 7 universal principles found in the Kybalion, among which 'gender' is one of them.


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