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JPPT1974's Weekend Thoughts 9/22-9/24/2017

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What do you do
Over on the way
Of in the praying
As that prayers
Are with that
Over on the
Requests and how
In the reason in
The prayers of the
Lord when we go to Him
To pray with that
Of requests and of also ending
In thy name and will.


  1. JPPT1974's Avatar
    And how that
    We need to pray
    In order to
    Make it through
    The days of
    Our lives if we
    Are going to be
    In the living of
    This world before
    Christ comes on back.
  2. JPPT1974's Avatar
    Praying and how
    That we need to
    Do so in order
    To make it through
    Our days and to
    Have God guide
    Our ways over
    On the days that
    Are shorter and shorter.


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