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Git bit by the Trinity Bug?..........

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Is the Trinity biblical?
Is the Trinity taught in the Bible?
The term 'biblical' wouldnt necessarily give any doctrine or concept any validity since there can be manmade beliefs or dogmas preconceived to which scriptures are employed to support them, so these are prefigured and 'interpreted' to prove or support such doctrines. Anyone can claim something is 'biblical', but such may be arbitrary, inconsequential.

The Trinity is a relational concept, assumption, model, modal understanding of a functioning community, a divine Godhead consisting of 3 aspects, entities, personalities, or what have you. There is no proof for its existence beyond its own logic, reasoning or assumed construct, or how that trinities exist in relational patterns in nature and the cosmos. This is all it is besides what internal spiritual proof one might claim as personal religious experience with "the Trinity", a subjective experience. - all else is relative, analogy, allegorical, correlary.

While I choose to adopt a more Unitarian Christology with liberal inclusions and allowances, with Catholic and evangelical believers on the board here, there are texts which speak of a Trinity and other trinities within the cosmos that transcend the traditional-orthodox Christian concept of such, so it could hardly be said to have a monopoly on the concept. And still in order to maintain its 'monotheism', it contends for 'one essence' even though this essence diversifies into 3 distinct personalities. The quandary is the great effort given to assume all personalities are God, while simultaneously claiming distinct personalities and not to confuse them! - but the con-fusion for some remains.

One might be better off being a pure monist or pantheist....since all is really made from the universal essence of Spirit anyways, no matter its form or personality. The higher cosmic beings, gods/devas, angels, sons of God, etc. are but personifications(offsprings) of God, his various qualities and attributes, individual expressions of divinity. On a subtle or spiritual level, all is one. All forms and substances derive from one original universal essence.

Therefore as a pure spiritualist, grounded in both a kind of monotheism and a more liberal monism (since All is One anyways)....a trinity only serves as a relational concept, theoretical, subjective. It exists nowhere else but your own consciousness, whose meaning and value is determined thereby.
This post is from this this thread here.

For more on the higher concept of a Paradise Trinity, see here from the Urantia Papers.

My main point with this commentary is to present the Trinity as a relational concept model of the primal Godhead.



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