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Freedom of CHOICE is given by Love.........

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Now show me a scripture that says man has a freewill. Man can't come to Christ without being drawn by the Father Jn 6:44
I've responded to a good number of your "show me the scripture" responses, and I think many of the points there, many particulars deserve consideration, if not a more expanded discussion I will let my last post here (The 'God' who passes you over) speak for itself, and my previous ones here and elsewhere also speak for themselves. Posts serve as their own testimonies. Heed the logos of the Spirit. You're free to engage the content of my previous posts to foster a discussion, instead of ask for 'scriptures', many which have been given which you have not responded to. These clearly show that 'God' gives man the freedom to CHOOSE. - And consider the very character of 'God' to actually gives us such freedom, showing the valued potential of our being, and all that we can become, by its rightful use. (and that's the key).

We've also already been over the 'response-ability' of man, that is God-given,...wherein a soul may respond in any given number of ways to a particular situation, choosing among various options. That man has any genuine measure of freedom, is that which actually makes him responsible! - and able to engage in a 'covenantal relationship' (partnership) with 'God' or any other personality, is predicated upon our very freedom to do so, and enter into community, covenant,...a co-operation. This freedom to choose, is essential to one's very existence, and the very co-creative venture of power that enables the God-Man partnership in Creation, to continue, evolve, progress, unfold, become perfected/expanded,...and this goes on forever, into the ages, into eternity. In 'God', there is no end. This potentialized response-ability and creativity in the Spirit, is infinite in scope and possibilities. This is because Love itself is INFINITE.....and therefore the co-creatve potentials and possibilities with-in LOVE have no end....only endless cycles and dispensations, being the generations of 'God'. The Spirit is LIFE, this is what is engaged in 'co-creation'. The very operation of will, engaging the freedom to choose, ENABLES all the potentials and possibilities of Creation TO BE. Once you 'assume' man's has no freedom, you quench the very prospect of life and shut down the protocols of ventured creation. You essentially annul and disavow the very will of God!



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