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Repentance is what is KEY.........

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Ok Freelight ,

You could have explained yourself on my thread, so-

What is this UB malarkey from the pit of hell?
Hello LA,

I shall get to your thread when I have the time, but be assured that you will be properly and responsibly addressed - this is a very significant subject, deeply symbolic and figurative. My initial 2 part commentary on 'atonement without blood' can be found in my TOL blog here, the last 2 entries at the time I am writing this. It was originally posted in one of EE's threads but he closed the thread, so I blogged these important posts.

I will direct you to this post here for the UB's teaching on this, some articles from Jewish sources and others about blood atonement, the Eucharist, the means of how one obtains forgiveness, etc. - important to follow/read all the links within the posts as they relate to the greater context of our study here.

Questioning the necessity for blood-sacrifice (killing an innocent victim, animal or man) is certainly NOT an idea from the 'pit of hell'
, but one of spiritual intelligence and a higher way to purity and God-consciousness (via the route of 'repentance' which nullifies the need for the suffering of an innocent victim!), since blood-sacrifice appeals more to the carnally-minded, even though this gesture may symbolize something psychically or spiritually taking place within the soul, figuratively speaking as I shared earlier in my 2-part dissertation. (remember what the true sacrifices acceptable to God are? a humble heart and a contrite spirit, the surrender of the soul in utmost humility, the dying of the 'self' before God, so the spirit-man can rise in newness of life, resurrect from the ashes, etc.) Its about the soul re-turning to God, re-turning to Right DOING, as this is the ONLY way back to God and his laws,...REPENTANCE. - the soul-life of the sinner is returned back to God as the ego dies, the flesh DIES, is crucified as it were, and the soul is renewed and rises in the strength of the spirit, renewed to life, restored to righteousness.

Without the blood of Christ shed at the cross, none would ever be saved from the fires of hell.
Well, again,...thats what can be debated, the nature of 'atonement' itself (and its various means). The shedding of blood per OT law and temple customs, did NOT atone for all sins, only unintentional ones, AND there are different examples of people having their sins 'atoned' for APART from bloodshed. All this focus on blood without proper spiritual understanding seems to be a 'carnal' fixation'. Even still...only the LIFE of God via His Spirit is our life, our salvation, our inspiration, or renewing, our resurrection-power. Spirit is Life! Furthermore, blood in and of itself has no power, besides one's faith in it to do anything (still its but figurative), so its symbolic meaning is what is important, and what it translates to within the soul, by inner transformation. One can shed all the blood he likes, slaughter a thousand animals, have dozens of demi-gods or avatars self-sacrifice themselves,....but what truly avails for a soul, is when they themselves sacrifice their own self, make their own 'at-one-ment' with God by total surrender to His will, and repent rightfully....this is WHAT AVAILS.



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