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PPS on sin in Greek forms

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I'm willing to listen.
I think that's true, or I wouldn't have continued.

From the inside outward...
Hamartia articular (singular) - Inner Condition (sin in the nature and members)
Hamartia anarthrous (singular) - Every inner qualitative characteristic and functional activity of the condition
Hamartiai anarthrous (plural) - All inner qualitative characteristics and functional activities of the condition

Inward to Outward:
Hamartiai articular (plural) - All individual anarthrous facets as inner demonstration
Hamartano (verb) - Bringing forth the noun into action as the verb
Hamartiai articular (plural) - All individual anarthrous facets as outer demonstration

Hamartema/ta singular/plural articular/anarthrous - The resulting actions from acting

Everyone is focused upon hamartano and hamartema/ta, presuming they are hamartia/i in whatever form. So the argument is being framed around wrong perceptions as a false binary.

Hamartema/ta is only used 4 times in the entire NT, yet it is what is superimposed as hamartia/i in most hearts and minds of English thinkers/speakers.

Even when teaching live and the audience "gets it" in the first 2-hour teaching; it still takes weeks and months for most to even begin to comprehend the truth because of the lifetime of false perception that is in place that has replaced the simple application of nouns and verbs.



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