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Very confused: Jason0047, Redeemed-777, Rightglory, DansingWall, Nang, glew, wordsponge, Princely, jerzy, elohiym, PneumaPsucheSoma, kayaker, drws, republicanchick, Arsenios,Hawkins, Puppet, rougueone, Dan Emanual, StanJ, Interplanner, Sancocho, Shasta, Robert Pate, Nazaroo, Livelystone, fzappa13, iamaberean, disturbo, Timotheos, daqq, brewmama, False Prophet, themuzicman, achduke, popsthebuilder, serpentdove, dodge

Totally bonkers:
Squeaky, Gurucam, LoverOfTruth1, Wednesday Addams, chrysostom, beloved57, Prizebeatz1

Perverter of scripture:

Christ deniers:
Lazy afternoon,meshak,oatmeal,Caino,JosephR,freelight,csuguy,1Mind1Spirit,

Christ haters:
aikido7,Zeke,Ben Masada
Immensely confused and proud of it: turbosixx (and a scripture perverter:
Quote Originally Posted by turbosixx View Post
Here is logic.

He says they didn't add then he says on the contrary so that means THEY did add. So what do they give him?

: Cruciform,glassjester,Nihilo

Cannot be communicated with and a perverter of scripture: Cross Reference

God's Truth: Thinks that Jesus is "the Father with a body". So therefore, thinks that Jesus was talking to Himself during His earthly ministry. Such modalist confusion.

Roseritter is also a modalist that thinks that God is an actor, like Harrison Ford.

dodge is a habitual liar and follows his leader: Judas Iscariot.

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