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Life without God.

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Other than this fine establishment I have Christian friends in real life, a group of which are currently ready my copy of "The Plot" sent to me by Bob from the states.

One question/statement they ask/say to me which I can't seem to get them to bend thier noodles goes along such lines.

"I can't imagine a world without God, it wouldn't be worth living in."

My thoughts are as such.

As an Atheist I believe we already live in a world without God, a world without God is exactly the world we live in right now.

As there is no God we had to invent one... several infact.


  1. Town Heretic's Avatar
    You could be right...or you could be missing the greatest climb of your life...Abraham's mountain.

  2. Stripe's Avatar
    Why did we have to invent gods?
  3. DoogieTalons's Avatar
    Short answer, I think Gods have been invented by many cultures to answer questions that were then unanswerable and to control the wrong-uns by instilling into society a fear that trancends death.
  4. Stripe's Avatar
    Why do we need answers or a "fear that transcends death"?


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