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Life is relationship and how we treat others reveals our soul's disposition

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Greetings all,

Just reflecting lately on the importance of how we treat others, for it is in our manners within our relationships to others, that God looks at the thoughts and intents of our hearts.

We discover even here on TOL, that some use this platform as means of demeaning, belittling others in a condescending manner, which reveals their own 'psychology' and need to 'attack', instead of show love, understanding, and wisdom in the delivery of their words. Those that offend, and grieve the spirit of another in a way antithetical to Love, with their words, great harm and will have to make amends for their words, until they can learn the Path of Love and understanding, revealing the genuine fruit of a Holy Spirit governed life.

Since the authenticity of real knowledge of God is revealed in the nature and character of LOVE...those who do not love, operate in ignorance of God, and choose their own selfish agendas to destroy, malign and ridicule others (which is actually contrary to God's Will). Since all our thoughts, words and deeds are recorded in the Akashic records (Book of Remembrance, Book of Life, etc.) it is so important that we remain vigilant in researching our words before we release words have creative power to destroy or build.

It matters not the presumed correctness of one's theology or belief-system, for this universal principle of one's manners is fundamental, for all life is relationship, and how we treat others is how we treat 'God', for each is a reflection and image of God. Hence the Supreme Law of Love is eternally holding...and all shall be weighed in its Light.

We are all growing in grace, and have areas to work I share this in love and especially to those here who appear 'critical' and 'condenscending' that they might re-examine their manners in the Light of Christ's Love, and so prove themselves to be loyal to His Way. I too of course come under the watchful Eye of the Holy Spirit, that my works and words would done in truth. Thank you all for taking this message to heart.



  1. uk_mikey's Avatar
    a wisdom-loaded blog entry.
  2. freelight's Avatar
    Thanks mikey,

    It just grieves the Spirit of God the way some people treat others, and a more ancient teaching attributed to our Lord Jesus reveals that grieving the spirit of a brother is a most serious offense, a transgression against Love itself. The truth of who we are is Love. If we would let the Holy Spirit shed abroad genuine Love in our hearts,...we could be real witnesses of God's Presence and Power. Only then can we be Light and prove to be his sons, perfect in love as He IS.

  3. Stripe's Avatar
    You really can waffle on, can't you Paul.
  4. freelight's Avatar

    Ah, 'waffling' - now there's a new concept

    All things are open for one's consideration, as Life is all about discovery. Only by opening one's consciousness, can one consider new ideas, insights and dimensions of any subject.



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