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Adventures in Space and Time.......

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Hi all,

This will be a resource portal to our current explorations of 'God, Space and Time'...a most wonderful subject, since it deals with the fundamentals of both 'existence' and our 'experience' within existence.

Will be updating this post when space and time affords :)

Main portal-page post with discussion threads on God, Space and Time -
God is within and without Time[/URL]


[B]Re-list[/B] of TOL threads on the subject -

Did God create space-time?[/URL] [COLOR="Red"](no longer extant)[/COLOR]

[URL=""]The Chronology of God[/URL] [COLOR="red"](no longer extant)[/COLOR]

And an original classic thread with lots of ground covered -
[B]God and Time[/B][/URL] ([COLOR="Red"]no longer extant[/COLOR])


[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"][B]Some great resource-pages[/B] on this subject are linked below -[/SIZE][/FONT]

[URL=""]Space and Motion[/URL] (Wave Structure of Matter Theory)

[URL="!"]Grand Universe of Primary Consciousness[/URL]
The Urantia Book[/URL]

[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"][B]Urantia Book articles[/B][/SIZE][/FONT] -

[URL=""]Time and Space[/URL]

[URL=""]Study of the Master Universe[/URL]

[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"][B]Related posts[/B][/SIZE][/FONT] -


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  1. freelight's Avatar
    Blessings all, enjoy pondering the dynamics of space and time, relative to how we experience existence :)
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