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Eternal Being ( I Am That )

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I'd like to reflect upon a beautiful statement I heard from a video from the Brennan school of healing on the path of personal healing.

I paraphrase -

"The mind has no answers; the heart has no questions".

This is such a profound statement as to allow a deeper open meditative state upon its reception as it touches at once the soul and heart, calling forth a deeper meaning of spirit.

The mind is an 'interpreter/translator', it reflects, distorts, imagines, assumes, is often has no real answers for its nature is always questioning, searching, figuring, computing, etc. A restless mind is ever on a 'quest' which has no final or absolute answers, because the mind cannot come to an ultimate conclusion, because that which is alone 'absolute' and 'real' is prior to its abstractions and transcends its mechanics.

The heart on the other hand, that is truly open and surrendered to its true source-condition....has no questions because it alone abides in the core-reality, the primal perfection, that which is already always true, full, complete, whole. This heart is one and all, since it is original and pervades all, being prior to and transcending all, encompassing all. I am that.

I Am Being itself (yet eternal reality is ever prior to any 'be-ingness', or 'existence', because it IS free of any space or time definitions or qualifications, even before an "I" of consciousness appears wherein the world appears with it as a 'subject/object'{duality} relationship. When all space-time creation ceases to be, there is still the eternal reality, the Root behind all, the 'essence' from which every-thing is born and dissolved back into, the formless.)

Below is a highly recommended spiritual classic -

I Am That (the classic from Nisargadatta Maharaj)


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    As we reflect on the essence of Existence itself, and the originating reality behind existence (in all its phases and evolutions), it is that only that is 'Reality', since it that which always IS, matter what arises or does not arise. This is the wonderful core-truth of the 'Advaita' tradition, the essence of 'non-duality'.

    Enlightened Spirituality Portal here.

    All begins and ends with the "I" of consciousness, and what is beyond the "I" does not exist, but IS (never the less). There is only consciousness, and what is beyond consciousness (its 'source'), that is all.

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