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  • Protesters Arrested for Obstructing Minneapolis highway

    The Crybabies strike again

    41 brain dead protesters calling themselves "White Allies" blocked the I-35 W in Minneapolis this morning delaying traffic. They parked cars perpendicular to the flow of traffic and sat cross legged on the highway chanting nonsense about abolishing the police. I had the misfortune of seeing live footage of this as I had my car in for repairs. A Rapid transit bus took 30 minutes to turn itself around to avoid the obstruction. People ended up being very late for work.

    The State Troopers arrested 41 of the protesters and impounded 4 vehicles used to block traffic. According to the new release in the link at the bottom the freeway reopened shortly after 9:15 a.m. It is illegal to walk on the freeway, much less obstruct it for the purpose of a protest in the state of Minnesota.

    Comments 5 Comments
    1. musterion's Avatar
      musterion -
      It's FASCISM to arrest anyone who agrees with me!

    1. Poly's Avatar
      Poly -
      Scum of the earth!!
    1. Sherman's Avatar
      Sherman -
      They are the ones that are fascists. They are intolerant of anyone who does not think like they do.
    1. patrick jane's Avatar
      patrick jane -
      Were they white people? More power to them, as the Black Lies Matter clan get away with murder
    1. Ktoyou's Avatar
      Ktoyou -
      Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
      Were they white people? More power to them, as the Black Lies Matter clan get away with murder
      Not liberal and hate the PC jazz. What you are saying here us too extreme, too much part of a raciest past, before you were born. Pitting white people against black people is taking us back into the 1950's and all was not roses then. Everyone was calling everyone a communist!
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