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  • North Carolina rescinds the Trannie in the Bathroom law

    Kat brought our attention to an article with her thread here--->http://theologyonline.com/showthread.php?117193-North-Carolina-Force-to-Rescind-Tranny-In-Bathroom-Bill.
    I felt it a worthy news item Linking you the link to Kats thread for the article she shared where you can discuss her link there.

    On Wednesday, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law a bill blocking the tranny bathroom bill and others like it. Image source---> NPR News

    Now here is an article that isn't full of liberal bias on the issue. For the full article click the link.

    North Carolina Under Attack From the Left For Passage of House Bill 2

    Some quotes from the article itself.

    Coerce – verb co·erce \kō-ˈərs\

    • : to make (someone) do something by using force or threats
    • : to get (something) by using force or threats

    A strategy used by the LGBT movement since the Stonewall in San Francisco. They don't care if their desires trample the rights of others. As the article points out it is a common strategy used by liberals. The argument can't be won by making the concept appealing, so they have to coerce.

    While the act of coercion is not a foreign concept in the contact sport of politics, none wield it with such ruthless disregard for the public as those on the left of the political spectrum. There is no depth they will not sink to, in order to force total subservience to their worldview. Whether it takes lawsuits to shut down Christian businesses that refuse to bend their principles and participate in events that violate their religious beliefs, or it takes boycotts and threats of financial ruin on an entire state, in order to enforce their will on the people of that state, the political left and their Democrat attack dogs have no reservations about the havoc they inflict.

    Pat McCrory could not be coerced. He showed intestinal fortitude. He signed into law North Carolina House Bill 2 making the Trannie Bathroom Bill void. The law is called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. It was in response to the Charlotte ordinance make public bathrooms sex neutral that allowed crossdressers to use bathrooms that they chose, bot the ones of their biological sex. The article states why this action was taken.

    The prevailing concern with the public was that it posed a security threat, since the only requirement is that somebody say they felt like a different gender. The ordinance was so broadly worded that the potential to be taken advantage of by individuals with less than innocent motives was great.

    Click link provided for full article.
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. patrick jane's Avatar
      patrick jane -
      I'm thinking of a country song - " Mama, there's a tranny in the bathroom " "and I don't know what it's doin' here" (with a twang ya know)
    1. Angel4Truth's Avatar
      Angel4Truth -
      And the LGBT is crying foul and has the ACLU suing already over it being overturned.

    1. Ktoyou's Avatar
      Ktoyou -
      It appears we are safe in public restrooms for awhile. Seems they have come to their senses, I do hope?
    1. Ktoyou's Avatar
      Ktoyou -
      All this over a few crazy people.
      "North Carolina’s legislature recently passed a law that prevents transgender people from using bathrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify. The law — House Bill 2 (HB2) — has incited a state-wide civil liberties battle. Here is the timeline of the so-called "bathroom bill."
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