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  1. Git bit by the Trinity Bug?..........

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    Is the Trinity biblical?
    Is the Trinity taught in the Bible?
    The term 'biblical' wouldnt necessarily give any doctrine or concept any validity since there can be manmade beliefs or dogmas preconceived to which scriptures are employed to support them, so these are prefigured and 'interpreted' to prove or support such doctrines. Anyone can claim something is 'biblical', but such may be arbitrary, inconsequential.

    The Trinity is a relational concept, assumption,
  2. Corrections about misconceptions of the Urantia Book

    by , April 21st, 2016 at 10:42 PM (Freelight-express)

    Hello all,

    Most of GM's rants about the Urantia Papers are unfounded and built on misinformation and presumption. He's been properly addressed many times on the thread concerned. He's just looking to get a rise with his ridiculing antics, built on false correlations and connotations having little to do with the papers, since he's not educated himself enough on the contents and their actual teaching. He refuses such which prevents a respectful intelligent discussion. ...
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