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  1. Quitting Smoking

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    Get a Vape pen Patrick, it seems like smoking although it isn't, it gives you the nicotine which you can slowly wean from. John W is correct the physical part is difficult but, the mental part is what keeps you coming back, that is where the reprogramming needs to begin, the vape pen is great replacement for that. It was the cigarette in the morning with coffee, after meals, with a beer, fill in the blank, we get programmed, and the absence of it at these times causes almost more of a mental craving
  2. Quitting Smoking

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    I pray as much of the rosary as I can as often as I can, it keeps me focusing on what the LORD God wants me to focus on, as an extension of my Catholic faith, which advises and recommends praying the rosary first and foremost, ....Good luck. I will pray for you, when I'm praying the rosary....
    I smoked a few rosary,'s, and bongs, being a former Roman, and that helped me quit smoking...I will pray for you, PJ, and there is no such thing as "luck," as the LORD
  3. Quitting Smoking

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    I have been killing myself for decades. I just want to be free from cigarettes and breath fresh air again, but I keep waiting. I'm up to more than 2 packs a day everyday. I am so addicted and I think it's mostly mental, I think of a cigarette at all times, in fact I'm smoking one right now. I AM quitting soon, I've had enough. Anybody else hooked and wanting to quit and be free again? We can talk about it here !!!
    What's your brand? I roll my own, American Spirits. I smoke 4-6 cigrits (Bubbles)
  4. JPPT1974's Thurs Thoughts 9/14/2017

    How that it
    Happened in London
    And into the third
    Attack over on the
    UK and how
    God however will
    Protect His children
    As hard as that
    It is especially with
    Seven people losing
    Their lives including a
    Canadian woman that
    Was fixing to be married.
  5. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 9/13/2017

    And how that
    Over on the way
    Of why does
    People that are
    Just good and innocent
    Get caught up
    With bad people?
    As we will learn
    One day from God
    But there is hope that
    We can see them if
    They accepted Christ
    As Savior and Lord.
    Never to be hurt anymore.
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