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  1. JPPT1974's Mon Thoughts 9/18/2017

    And how that
    We are in the
    Praying of in the
    Trying to be
    In the understanding
    Of how that we
    Need to know
    Things happen due
    To the fact of sinning an wars
    Along with that of
    Our fallen nature in this
    World causing for wars and terrorism.
    It is love God's real love that can save the world.
  2. JPPT1974's Weekend Thoughts 9/15-9/17/2017

    But that over
    On the tragedy that
    Happened over in
    The seven that
    Were killed
    And families that
    Are in the
    Way of never at
    All having their lives changed forever.
  3. Quitting Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick M View Post
    Whether you think you can or can't, you're right.
  4. Quitting Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    Thanks Nihilo, I used to smoke Marlboro until about 15 years ago when they became too expensive. I smoke a brand called Exeter now, they are similar to Marlboro. I'm still on the Marlboro mailing list, they send me a Birthday card every year !!
    I used to smoke reds in the softpacks. It takes some doing, but rolling my own (with a machine and tubes, not rolling papers) with the right tobacco (additive-free), is the best smoke I've ever had, plus it's significantly cheaper. Smokeless tobacco
  5. Quitting Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by john w View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SaulToPaul View Post
    Oh sure! I bet you were a regular Humphrey Bogart, "Here's lookin at you kid" every time you gave your lady friends a light. (Smooooooooooth)
    I take off on Humphrey Bogart...Watch..."Play it again, Sam..." Wait, that was Woody, to Sam "Mayday" Malone.......I hear that you take off on Mayday Malone....17 strike outs with chicks, at your local tavern....Not smooth, Sam...
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