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  1. Life on other planets?

    This post in in response to my former post here

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    That certainly does NOT validate the UB - STILL NO LIFE ANYWHERE
    I only bring up recent discoveries of science and astronomy to show the logical probability of there being life on other planets, possibly in our own solar system and the millions of solar systems (stars that have revolving planets) in outer space beyond our galaxy. The UB posits millions of inhabited planets within our own galaxy, and likewise given the
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  2. Genesis 30:17-21

    . Gen 30:17 . . God heeded Leah, and she conceived and bore him a
    fifth son.

    God was favorably inclined to grant Leah's wishes. But why doesn't God
    grant the wishes of all barren women? Is that fair? Why is God sensitive to
    some while ignoring the feelings of others? I wish I could answer that. The
    brutal fact is: God is merciful to whom He wishes to be merciful. Love it or
    leave it; we're stuck with a God who has a mind of His own and does as
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  3. JPPT1974's Weekend Thoughts 9/30-10/2/2016:

    It is that
    We need to
    Give credit where
    The credit
    Is due and
    How that it
    Belongs over to
    That of God.
  4. JPPT1974's Thurs Thoughts 9/29/2016:

    And when
    We do that.
    It is for the
    Good of others
    And that it
    Is for our and
    Their benefits.
    We can be
    The team players.
  5. Genesis 30:7-16

    . Gen 30:7-8 . . Rachel's maid Bilhah conceived again and bore
    Jacob a second son. And Rachel said; A fateful contest I waged with
    my sister; yes, and I have prevailed. So she named him Naphtali.

    rayyyrrr! scratch! Man that woman was scrappy! No second place winner;
    Rachel would keep kicking at you even if her arms were pinned down on the
    mat. Move over Chyna! (Chyna used to be a WWF professional female

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