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  1. patrick jane's Avatar
    We patched things up, GD is a sweet and funny sister in Christ. I love her.
  2. freelight's Avatar
    Since the subject of gender has come up in my recent engagment on the 'what is Christ's name' thread,....I include this important portal post from sometime back here. I also include this post on the subject when concerns were being voiced about my referring to 'God' within a 'divine Mother archetype', as still holding - here (it is not my intention to blaspheme or dishonor 'God' at all, but to expound and reveal a more full and comprehensive respresentation of the Creator and Creation.)

    Hence the title of 'Father-Mother-God' is but a harmless appellation describing 'God' in his full parental mode of familial care, nurture and procreation.
    Updated October 21st, 2017 at 03:01 PM by freelight
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