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  1. One Universal Reality.........

    by , August 6th, 2018 at 11:24 PM (Freelight-express)
    Quote Originally Posted by freelight View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeRightly View Post

    Nah-imma-stay a Christian, and stay away from your false teachings.
    My view holds here

    Fear and exclusion is not the way, however love and inclusion can do wonders because at the heart of reality there is an indivisible love and wholeness. This is just the nature of the Creator and his Creation. I choose that path, and this path remains the Infinite Way. If you'd like to refer to this 'VIEW' as 'false teachings', you're welcome to that 'opinion'.
  2. Conspiracy - Are Some Theories Accurate?

    [QUOTE=patrick jane;5241604][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=4][B]The Yanny vs Laurel Debate Explained[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? I give a quick explanation in this episode of the new social fad sweeping the nation.
    [B]5 minutes[/B]
  3. Trump Has His Wall Money

    [QUOTE=patrick jane;5236407][B][URL=""]Migrants who traveled with caravan vow to wait at border until they are ...[/URL][/B]

    [B][URL=""]Nearly a dozen suspected caravan members face new ... - Fox News[/URL][/B]

    Excerpt : Nearly ...
  4. Biblical, Enclosed Flat Earth and Cosmos

    We are surrounded by a circle of frozen land, that's why they call it the Antarctic Circle. Check out this map of all of the bases around the circle. It shows latitude and longitude of each one. The Four Corners of the Earth. See my threads for more details - links available

    [COLOR=#0099cc][SIZE=3][B]The 7th base down on the left is Deception Station - Funny huh?

    [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][h=3][URL=""]Biblical, ...

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  5. Trump Has His Wall Money

    [QUOTE=patrick jane;5236110][COLOR=#6699cc][SIZE=3][B]Great Song you haven't heard in a while -


    [COLOR=#b22222][SIZE=5][B]On The Border[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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