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  1. JPPT1974's Thurs Thoughts 10/5/2017

    And that He
    Emptied out Himself so
    That we can
    Have that of
    In the way of
    Eternal life and
    How that if it
    Were not for Him
    We would had been lost
    And in a dying world.
  2. Open Minds...................

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    I see several aspects to your post that I deeply appreciate. You distinguished repentance as changing of ones mind, thus offloading the artificial religiously imposed kind of salvation by works.
    Greetings EE,

    Mutual respects in universal truth, love, ethics and altruism, since no one in their right mind denies the precept of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man,..that we are here to learn, grow, evolve, and serve one another in community for the higher good
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  3. my blog - the apocalypse

    click here for
    my blog - the apocalypse
    if you have an ear

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  4. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 10/4/2017

    Did you all
    Know that when
    Jesus came on
    This earth before
    The cross and
    For three years and
    Took as the Servant of
    All Servants and emptied
    Himself out so He
    Can be full God but
    Also gave up to feel
    Like humans as full man as well!?
  5. JPPT1974's Tues Thoughts 10/3/2017

    Praying to God
    Will help us
    In the growing
    To Him and
    Not just in
    Body but in
    Mind, soul, and spirit
    And in heart.
    So that we can
    Realize that He
    Wants our attention
    24/7 As He is just that!
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