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  1. Family Politics

    I got the biggest laugh out of my mom, yesterday. She was talking to a friend in California, telling her about my sister's plan to run for president of the United States in 2012. The funny thing was that my mom called my sister "uber-conservative." When I started laughing, my mom didn't understand why.

    Well, for one, my sister is very definitely pro-choice. She's against welfare, except in her case. She thinks that the state "owes her the welfare she's getting." But, everyone ...
  2. Dreams and nightmares

    This morning I dreamed I said "I want to go to Peru and perfrom "Hamlet" on an alpaca. I want to do llama drama." I have no explaination.
  3. Olympic Fever Inoculation

    So they're taking baseball out of the A national past time in at least two countries and popular in dozens more. Part of the reasoning behind it is that most countries don't have programs and they can't field a broad enough competitive base to assure quality for the games.

    Now they're keeping that, I don't even know its name--the event where you ski and shoot at something, then ski some more. Let's just call it "The Useless, Confused, Vaguely Homicidal" event.
  4. G'day

    Thought I'd write a quick blog while I'm in the mood

    I don't really have anything exciting to life is quite boring, actually.

    But, I am happy. Content. Peaceful. I am grateful for lessons learnt, wounds healed and victories won.

    Life is good.

    TM x
  5. Questions, Musings, Random Notes

    I don't know why people find it so hard to use good or common sense manners.

    Or why people are so willfully lazy, crass, ignorant, or poorly informed.

    Or why people believe they're actually watching something worthwhile when they watch the news.

    Why don't folks get angry over something that matters? Football, traffic, the price of gas: sorry, but these don't really matter the way other things do.

    What happened to ...
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