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  1. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 2/15/2012:

    As love is not always
    Love at first sight.
    As you need to.
    Know the person first.
    As a friend to them.
    Be a friend to them first.
  2. Lord of Man


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  3. Where were the bishops?

    Happy to hear the bishops are objecting to the part of the health care plan that requires a one size fits all plan. It will force Catholic institutions to provide contraceptives that violate the teachings of the Catholic Church. We need the bishops to speak out on this but where they when all this got started? They were all for health care for everyone and they thought they could control what was in it even though the Democratic support for abortion is no secret to anyone. What did they expect? ...

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  4. Jewish Holidays, shadows of things to come? Or things that are here?

    I'm just going to post them as time goes by. We'll see if they matter to us today. And we'll also see if the ones they made up since the Torah was given and the Prophets make a difference too. I'll just pot them as we go and won't say too much whatsoever

    Starting this evening, 2-7-2012...

    TU B'SHEVAT (15 Shevat) -'Tu' is made up of the two Hebrew letters 'Tet' (9) and 'Vav' (6), which have the combined numerical value of 15. It is called the 'New Year of the Trees' ...
  5. JPPT1974's Tues Thoughts 2/14/2012:

    I don't know about you all.
    But I don't believe in
    Love at first sight.
    That just isn't me.
    As I believe at
    Being friends at first sight.
    Now there is a difference!
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