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  1. JPPT1974's Mon Thoughts 11/27/2017

    If we want
    To show that we
    Can protest with
    Peaceful and non-violence
    It is that
    We need to
    Show them the
    Love of God
    Due to it.
  2. JPPT1974's Black Friday Weekend 2017

    God is wanting
    Those that are
    In the Antifa as
    They say that
    What they are
    Doing to counter the
    Racists are "peaceful."
    But the look on the
    News there it is
    Anything but that.
  3. Thanksgiving Thoughts 2017

    The reason that
    We have Thanksgiving
    Was due to
    Those that went
    On before us
    And God sending
    Those to protect
    Our freedom
    In the public service
    As well as our men and
    Women and uniform.
    Never, ever forget.
  4. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 11/22/2017

    God is
    Wanting us if
    We are against
    That of racism
    Then we need
    To practice preach
    And not violence
    At all you see.
  5. JPPT1974's Tues thoughts 11/21/2017

    And how that
    We need to
    Know that the
    Counter protesters
    Are just as
    That of dangerous
    And how
    They need to be
    The solution not the problem.
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