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  1. Genesis 31:33-41

    . Gen 31:33-35 . . So Laban went into Jacob's tent and Leah's tent
    and the tents of the two maidservants; but he did not find them.
    Leaving Leah's tent, he entered Rachel's tent.

    . . . Rachel, meanwhile, had taken the idols and placed them in the
    camel cushion and sat on them; and Laban rummaged through the
    tent without finding them. For she said to her father: Let not my lord
    take it amiss that I cannot rise before you, for the period of women
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  2. Genesis 31:29b-32

    . Gen 31:29b . . but the God of your father

    The "god of your father" is all the same as saying your family's god. There a
    humorous difference between Jacob's family god and Laban's family gods.
    Jacob's family god can't be kidnapped and carried around in a saddle bag.

    . Gen 31:29c . . said to me last night: Beware of attempting
    anything with Jacob, good or bad.

    That was a no idle threat and I think the man knew it. If Laban
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  3. Doing God's Will

    Some basic principles related to understanding the will of God:

    1. Where God commands, we must obey.

    2. Where there is no command, God gives us freedom (and responsibility) to choose.
    3. Where there is no command, God gives us wisdom to choose.
    4. When we have chosen what is moral and wise, we must trust the sovereign God to work all the details together for good.

    Virtually all Bible teachers agree (including those who promote the traditional view):

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  4. JPPT1974's Thurs Thoughts 10/13/2016:

    Yeah luck does
    Go a way
    But it is
    How that we need
    To be looking
    Right over in
    That of the luck.
    God is anything but
    That as we are
    His children and
    We need to depend on Him.
    Luck or not.
  5. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 10/12/2016:

    Well it
    Is that the
    Way that we
    Need to be
    And act like.
    Christ and to
    Do things for
    And with Him.
    And He is not luck.
    He provides for all.
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