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  1. JPPT1974's Avatar
    Marriages that
    Last long says
    Something about
    Them and
    How that they
    Know that it is
    Equal parts and
    Not one over the other
    God created that
    To be there.
    He made marriage!
  2. JPPT1974's Avatar
    We need
    To put God front
    Center of it all
    As that of
    How that people
    Married for so long
    Do if they let the
    Lord do so whether
    Fifty or ten or one
    Year of marriage.
  3. JPPT1974's Avatar
    But that
    It is about
    God in the
    Front and center
    As that our parents
    That know that
    Marriage was never
    Going to be easy
    As the real hard work
    Begins when
    You say I do!
    Through all of
    Thick and thin!
  4. JPPT1974's Avatar
    But that
    Is how the
    Marriage with
    God lasts
    If you work
    Very hard and
    Start to realize
    That God is
    Front and center
    Like my parents.
  5. JPPT1974's Avatar
    Know the
    Situation she is
    In and that
    I did not understand
    At all either but
    Do not have a husband
    Or a baby to support it
    And still do not
    But still God was trying
    To work in me.
    And like He is working
    In Ashley.
  6. JPPT1974's Avatar
    But in the
    Long run that
    It is a blessing in
    Disguise and
    How of in the
    Using it for God's glory
    And in the progressing
    Her to be the lady
    She needs to be.
  7. JPPT1974's Avatar
    The Lord
    Knows that of
    In the being of
    In the blessing in
    Disguise as someone
    Who knows what
    It is like to be fired
    Or forced to be fired
    Over something they felt
    As I know that feeling
    Not fair but still I take
    Responsibility there.
  8. JPPT1974's Avatar
    But that
    She was expecting
    Her first baby
    How that the
    Customers are not
    At all in the
    Being right but
    If they want to
    Keep customers that
    It is sadly but truthfully that
    In the world of
    Working with the public.
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