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  1. Why You Are Wrong...

    I put this in Observations, but thought it might be

    Why You Are Wrong:

    God never intended it; man never accomplished it; no reasonable person would swallow that; and only a fool would follow that; there’s no possible way it could be true; history is against you; you lack any appreciable conviction; a contortionist couldn’t hold your position; you obviously haven’t thought it through; we’d all be dead if that was true; you lack the proper exegesis; half
  2. Insights #1

    Greetings to the reader!

    Following is the first in what I hope begins a line of insight into what it means to be a pagan. Not a pagan that is limited by any label or adherence, but the pagan beliefs of philosophy, mathematics, magick, the observance of the nameless, The Great, that that came before the Heavens and Earth, and The Mother that is the Heavens and Earth.

    Philosophy is something that most claim to be a negative along the path. Something that leads the ...
  3. Lessons in parenting

    When changing your baby, make sure there is a diaper underneath her at all times. Because if there isn't, she will poop all over the changing pad. And once you have that cleaned up (and still don't have a diaper under her butt!), she will pee all over the changing pad. The pee will run all over the pad, covering the baby in pee. The baby will need to be washed. All that at 3 AM.

    Just sayin'.
  4. Woo00oooooooooo0t!!!!!!!! @~~11`!!!!2

  5. Family Politics

    I got the biggest laugh out of my mom, yesterday. She was talking to a friend in California, telling her about my sister's plan to run for president of the United States in 2012. The funny thing was that my mom called my sister "uber-conservative." When I started laughing, my mom didn't understand why.

    Well, for one, my sister is very definitely pro-choice. She's against welfare, except in her case. She thinks that the state "owes her the welfare she's getting." But, everyone ...
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