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  1. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 11/9/2016:

    Did we end
    Up in the bringing
    It on ourselves.
    We may or that
    Others may have
    Put us right
    In the smack middle
    Of it but it.
    Is how we get
    Ourselves out of the
    Mess and with others.
  2. Genesis 35:6-12

    . Gen 35:6-7 . .Thus Jacob came to Luz-- that is, Bethel --in the land
    of Canaan, he and all the people who were with him. There he built
    an altar and named the site El-bethel, for it was there that God had
    revealed Himself to him when he was fleeing from his brother.

    Bethel is located approximately 11 miles directly north of Jerusalem. Jacob
    erected a stone cairn there when he left home; and gave the site its name:
    Bethel (House Of God). At least
    Religion , Religion
  3. JPPT1974's Tues Thoughts 11/8/2016:

    It is how
    We end up over
    In the dealing of
    The situation that
    Yes we may have
    Brought on ourselves
    Or that others
    May had ended up
    Bringing on us.
    How we deal with the
    Very worst of times.
  4. JPPT1974's Mon Thoughts 11/7/2016:

    But face it
    We live in a
    Hard enough world
    That is not
    Going to be really
    Not getting any
    Easier but it is
    How we handle ourselves.
    Really not the way the
    Situation has dealt with us.
  5. Genesis 35:1-5

    . Gen 35:1 . . God said to Jacob: Arise, go up to Bethel and remain
    there; and build an altar there to the god who appeared to you when
    you were fleeing from your brother Esau.

    That is some very strange language. Why didn't God say "build an altar to
    Me; who appeared to you when, etc". On the surface, it appears that God is
    speaking of a god other than Himself. But according to Gen 35:2, Jacob's
    family had a number of gods in their possession
    Religion , Religion
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