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  1. Hi everyone!

    Wow, I'm a blogger. I can say that I can blog if I try to get a job. I haven't worked for ten years now so it's time I did something. I am looking for ideas. Maybe I could become a pastor, they only work on Sunday. Being retired is no fun, you don't get paid for holidays, no vacations. So you youngins don't be in a hurry to retire.

    Maybe I will just thank God that he sent his son to die for me. And tell people that in this community as well as in life around me. My thoughts are with ...
  2. Coming Soon! JPPT1974's Thoughts!

    I will be posting daily thoughts on
    The blogs. For all to see and give opinions on the days news.
    It will come on September 1st!
    I am very excited and hope that you all will be as well.
    Seeing it from a Christian's viewpoint for a change.
    Not the media but from my point of view.
    Hope you all will like it and accept it.
    Though we may not agree on a lot of things, we can agree to disagree!
  3. I'm finally feeling like TOL is complete.

    It's funny, in all the years of running TOL I have always felt like there was something missing. Don't get me wrong I have always been happy with TOL but never like I am right now.

    I have been contemplating this upgrade for a long time. And I have been torturing myself about how should look, i.e., the colors, the logo, etc. I tried a zillion different logos and I was never happy with any of them. We had a logo contest and received some great entries but nothing ...
  4. Latest edition from the archives

    by , August 21st, 2008 at 03:08 PM (DRBF enthusiasts)
    Latest edition from the archives a sermon titled "John Mark grows up"!
    click here
  5. Another day older and...

    Look out, boggers, here comes Sam Pepys for the new century.

    Today I waited on the tow truck for the second time in as many weeks. After spending what could have been a nice down payment on a new vehicle I had my wife firmly back behind the wheel of her car...but in driving it from the repair shop to work she managed to crack the oil pan.

    So here I sit again. I think I handled it well enough. I told her, "Don't worry, it's only money. We had contingency funds ...
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