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  1. Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mickiel View Post
    No, I am referring the simple holiday called " Christmas"; not that I am not trying to understand your effort to expand the term to " Who knows what"; in fact I am shocked that you are going off into left field when the question is rather simple. Your asking me to define a holiday? Wow. I thought this thread would be rather simple. I would like to see biblical support for a holiday.
    From a conservative Presbyterian perspective, there is no such support: ...
  2. "Romanism" is Normative not Pejorative, Except to the Overly Sensitive

    The term Romanist is not normally used as a pejorative, despite the claims of the Roman Catholic.

    Quote Originally Posted by glassjester View Post
    He's called me a Romanist.
    Is that any worse than calling someone a dimwit? Maybe it is.

    It may have been intended as an insult.
    But I can't find it in myself to feel insulted by it.
    Indeed, you should not.

    Romanist is but a normative term for Roman Catholics, just as Calvinist is a loose synonym for the Reformed that espouse a particular view
  3. Open Theism - What Do I Think About It?

    As some may know, the site here at TOL is owned and populated by plenty of open theists, including Bob Enyart, a pastor at Denver Bible Church. I often am asked what I think about open theism.

    My answer, too long to post in a blog, appears here:

    Given the updating of the TOL databases to conserve space, the post may not appear
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  4. The Gospel Is Not Just A Sentence

    Despite the claim of others, there is but one Gospel. In a fast food society that likes just snippets it is wrong to assume that but the concise summary of the Gospel in 1 Cor 15 is the only time that Paul calls something "the Gospel". For example, the entire letter of Romans is repeatedly referred to by Paul as "my Gospel".

    There may be a shorthand way of saying certain things to people who already understand something, but there are no shortcuts by just saying a minimal number of
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  5. Genesis - A Literal Account of Creation

    Some serious hermeneutical hopscotch is needed to deny the literal meaning of the six days.

    1. The ordinance of the Sabbath is now doubtful if six days is not literal (Ex. 20:11).
    2. If the First Adam is allegorical, then the Second Adam is as well.
    3. A literal Adam is required in Romans.
    4. The Apostle clearly described Adam as the first human sinner—not whatever millions of human-like beings in the presumed evolutionary chain.
    5. Death came through Adamic
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