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  1. zippy2006's Avatar
    The church too needs to be able to change. The other half of the equation is that churches refuse to allow change to their doctrines.
    Quite honestly, if this happened there would be no Church today, maybe no Christianity It would turn the Church into a democracy, which it isn't and was never meant to be.

    And where the line gets drawn as far as "important issues" go will be different according to everyone. Personally I think that some of the earliest Fathers who would have dubbed you a heretic were charged with a serious mission from God and were necessary for the survival of Christianity. Frankly, all of these problems lend support to the idea of an infallible Pope As much as people don't like the concept (like anything that requires faith), it is very logical and perfectly necessary as many great theologians have pointed out (Newman especially comes to mind).

  2. Cracked's Avatar
    I was thinking about this, well actually, I have been thinking about this ever since I first felt a calling on my life. This is what I have found: I have yet to encounter a Christian tradition that incorporates all of the beliefs that I have (or began to develop). Yet, I have to also be able to recognized that I may very will be misguided in some of my beliefs. This, I think is the deciding factor - fruit.

    Find a group of believers that produce fruit, and if they are not completely different from you, join in and help!

    This is why I have always considered joining the Salvation Army, for all of their faults (or perceived faults).

    csuguy - I really do appreciate the way you think.

    God's peace,
  3. Dietoliveforhim's Avatar
    I completely agree with this. Thank you
  4. Town Heretic's Avatar
    I think Heretics get a bum what I think...

    But seriously, if it doesn't go directly to salvation we should give each other a little elbow room for disagreement and discuss our differences as men and women of a common faith. Agreed.
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