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  1. Jewish and Christian; Judaism and Christianity; all of the Bible beginning with Torah

    I am a Christian and I accept all 66 books of the Bible. Is it okay to talk about the whole Bible as a Christian? I practice many things that are considered Jewish, and I see the Torah as a foundation for Biblical living. Christians should readily accept all of God's word including what is viewed as the Old Testament, be it called the TaNaKh or Hebrew Bible or not (these have the same text as the Christian Old Testament, though the arrangement of these books is different in regard to book order). ...
  2. God's commands in Jesus and the coming of the new covenant.

    Taken from the thread I started, [URL=""][I]God's commands in Jesus and the coming of the new covenant.[/I][/URL][QUOTE=Jacob;4635148]Here is a thread I started recently. [URL=""][I]God's commands in Jesus Christ.[/I][/URL][QUOTE=Jacob;4632729]In Jesus Christ we have commands ...
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