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  1. JPPT1974's Thurs Thoughts 6/13/2019

    For those that
    Will miss it
    Going all ways
    And how that
    They will forever
    Be separated eternally
    Instead of in the
    Very one true
    Only way through
    Jesus Christ.
  2. JPPT1974's Wed Thoughts 6/12/2019

    People will
    Miss that and
    How that they
    Are going to be
    So wrong when
    They do and
    Go to other ways
    Easy part but
    Hard eternally but
    One way hard but
    Will be rewarded for eternity.
  3. JPPT1974's Tues Thoughts 6/11/2019

    People are
    Missing the boat
    When they think
    In the going
    Over all ways
    But one true
    Way as the
    Road is THE WAY
    TRUTH and LIFE
    Jesus Christ!
  4. JPPT197'4s Mon Thoughts 6/10/2019

    God calls
    For us to remember
    The one and
    True way is
    God and only
    That of God
    Can give us
    In the paving
    That one way there.
    To heaven.
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